Security weapons Handcuff and Baton


v4 27 Jan 2013

TALON Education & Training’s Security Weapons course delivers training to enhance defensive skills using baton and handcuffs.

The Security Weapons course develops the skills required to use handcuffs and baton effectively to control an escalated threat. The use of these weapons provides an Officer with a force option resulting in the maximum control of a situation. This is achieved through the use of “reasonable and proportionate” force options relevant to the Officer’s perceived threat.

Officers must complete this training, have their employers permission and a genuine reason to carry these weapons on duty.

The Security Providers Act 1993 states that a Security Officer must not possess a weapon as defined in the Weapons Act 1990. However, batons and handcuffs are not defined as ‘weapons’ in this legislation. They are classed as ‘restricted items.’ To be in possession of ‘restricted items’ you must have a ‘genuine reason.’ This genuine reason can be an occupational requirement such as a Security Officer working alone at night. An Officer conducting patrols in remote areas. Or an Officer carrying out duties where there has been a previously identified threat.

When off duty or in an environment such as a shopping centre, you are unlikely to have a genuine reason. They cannot be carried for crowd control, private investigations or debt collecting.

There are other minor, yet important points within the legislation that you will cover in TALON’s Security Weapons Handcuffs and Baton course.These relate to proper storage, transport, carriage and justification for the use of force, etc.

Do you need a weapons licence?

No – there is no licence that covers Batons/Handcuffs in QLD

Do you need to be trained?

Technically no, BUT if you are in a situation where you need to use them, you need to know what you are doing. You must justify why you are doing it. And be aware of what the consequences are going to be and have the ability to justify your actions in court. Unless you have similar training (e.g. Police background) then you should complete the course. Most employers would require proof of training before permitting you to carry batons and or handcuffs.

Do you need permission?

Yes – you must have permission from your employer and in some cases the employer must seek approval from the client (depending on their contractual arrangements)

1 Day

Description - Weapons Training (Handcuffs & Batons)

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Pre Requisites

You must hold A current Qld Security Provider licence, or a Certificate II or Certificate III in Security Operations.


This course is delivered face to face over 1 day.

Required Student Equipment

Students are required to bring a notepad, pen and identification.

Cost, Course dates & Bookings

The cost of this course is $200.00 in total.
This training runs on the Thursday of the Security Firearms and Defensive Weapons course usually on the third week of each month.
Email us at and we will confirm a date that suits you.

  • Duration:1 day plus some pre-reading.