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Security Firearms Training Course Gold Coast

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The Security Firearms Training course is a 5- day course. Four days are set in the classroom and one day at an approved firing range. Students are run through the different types, functions and characteristics of firearms relevant to the security industry.

This course is approved for Security Weapons Licensing in Queensland. Security providers required to carry a firearm during the course of performing their duties. Duties such as the armed escort and guarding of valuables and cash in transit.

What can I expect during class?

During classroom instruction, students will be taught the safe use and operation of firearms. Students will study 10618NAT Course in firearms safety for licensing in Queensland. Students will then be trained using extensive dry drills (no live ammunition available) to learn shooting and firearms handling techniques. These will help them to develop the skills and knowledge to become a capable and effective armed guard.

There is a homework requirement for this course. It consists of in-depth theory in relation to The National Firearms Safety Code, Weapons Act 1990, Weapons Categories Act 1997, Weapons Regulation 2016 and the QLD Criminal Code Act 1899. The theory relates to safe handling, maintenance and operation of ballistics vests, semi-automatic pistols, revolvers and pump action shotguns as well as the use of batons and handcuffs .

The fifth day is held at an approved firing range and involves a live fire certification shoot. Students will use the specific firearms covered during the course. Students are required to effectively demonstrate abilities to manipulate, handle and maintain the safe use of firearms while accurately engaging the specified targets to achieve certification.

Why is there such a focus on practical drills?

The use of firearms and weapons in the security industry is a specialised field. Security professionals who have the responsibility of carrying a firearm in public areas, should be extremely competent and capable in its safe and effective use. More so if a situation may require its use. TALON Education and Training understands these responsibilities and specialise in security firearms training.

If you are looking for a career in armed security, TALON Education and Training have the security firearms training courses for you.

Fit and Proper Person and Safety

Due to obvious safety issues and risk involved in the training and use of firearms, TALON Education & Training reserves the right to refuse to deliver this course. This refusal would be in regards to any individuals it deems as unsuitable, at any time before or during the course.

Security Firearms Annual Re-certification Training

If you are an existing armed security guard TALON Education and Training offers the course for Security Firearms Annual Re-certification. This is the annual course required by Queensland Police Weapons Licensing Branch for. The cost of this course is $250.00.

Security Firearms Training Course - 5 days

Security Firearms Training Course Gold Coast

Security Firearms Training Pre Requisites

  1. You must have a certificate II in Security operations CPP20212 or Certificate III in Security operations CPP30411 or be the holder of a current Qld Security Providers Licence with the endorsement of Security Officer- Cash in Transit function listed.
  2. Please click on our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions "view FAQ" button below for more details about this course.


This course is delivered over 5 consecutive days face to face, four days in classroom and one day at an approved firing range for live fire certification. Students will be required to complete theory homework each night.

Required Student Equipment

Students are required to bring a notepad and pen for classroom notes and suitable clothing as advised by your Trainer when attending the Live Fire Assessments on the approved range. It is recommended to bring drinking water on the range day, as it does get hot.

Cost, Course dates & Bookings

The cost of this course is $975.00 in total. If Students wish to do the CIT component as well during this course the combined Security Firearms Course and CIT units can be packaged together for $1200.00

Security Firearms Course Gold Coast

Course Dates 2017: Monday to Friday

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  • Duration:5 days