First Aid Course Gold Coast

One Day Workshop plus some external reading.

First Aid Course Gold Coast.


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TALON Education & Training's First Aid Course Gold Coast and CPR courses Gold Coast. Learn the basic techniques required to assist and care for a conscious and unconscious casualty. Learn to provide vital care & CPR to maintain the casualties’ signs of life until arrival of advanced care.

First Aid Course

This course has replaced the old Senior First Aid course.

The First Aid component of the course remains valid for 3 years, while the CPR component remains valid for 1 year, and should be renewed annually.

Students wishing to only complete the CPR component can attend the first 3 hrs of the course and leave when instructed by the Trainer. Please book into the CPR Refresher Course if you only want to do the CPR component. Or contact us for further information.

Why should I learn First Aid?

In an emergency life threatening situation, the ability to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR as it is better known, or stop arterial bleeding or assess the onset of a stroke can be a truly lifesaving skills.

The longer the human brain goes without oxygen, the more likely severe, permanent and irreparable brain damage will occur. Being able to perform the skill of CPR correctly and efficiently, can mean the difference between life and death for a casualty. And when you consider how easy it is to apply these skills, the more reason you should learn how to learn them yourself.

Timeline of CPR

0 to 4 minutes, unlikely development of brain damage

4 to 6 minutes, possibility of brain damage

6 to 10 minutes, high probability of brain damage

10 minutes and over, probable brain damage

Severe Arterial Bleeding

A few minutes is all it takes to bleed to death from an untreated or poorly treated arterial bleed.
To illustrate this point let’s consider some simple figures relating to the physiology of a healthy adult who is resting.
Each time the heart pumps it ejects approximately 70mls of blood. If the heart is beating at a rate 70 beats per minute, 4900mls of blood is being pumped around the body each minute.
70mls x 70 beats per minute = 4900mls
Given the normal adult blood volume of 5000-6000mls, feasibly a casualty can eject their entire blood volume through a severe arterial laceration in just over a minute.
Obviously the time frame mentioned above is dramatically shortened when the casualty has a rapid heartbeat (greater than 100 beats per minute.)

If you, your family, or someone you may know is interested in learning the skills of First Aid, please contact TALON Education and Training to book your class now.


The First Aid qualification remain valid for 3 years, and should be renewed triennially. The CPR qualification lasts 12 months and should be renewed annually as per the ARC recommendations.

Pre Requisites

There are no pre requisites for this course.


Our First Aid Course Gold Coast is delivered face to face over 1 day (8 hrs), with some pre-reading and external study.

Required Student Equipment

Students are required to bring a notepad & pen.

Cost, Course dates & Bookings

The cost of this course is $100.00

2016 Dates - First Aid Course Gold Coast.

Group bookings of minimum 5 maximum 20

Please click on the “ BOOK NOW ” button below to go to the calendar to secure your spot.

  • Duration: First Aid Course Gold Coast - 1 day plus some external work.